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ASCOMP Publishes PDF Imager, Allowing Users to Convert PDF Pages Into Images


From an important contract to a standard form, PDF is the standard format used when it comes to forwarding documents. Nowadays, it is very easy to load PDFs in the browser, and the need to install special software to view these files is a thing of the past. But what should be done if such a document has to be signed and no PDF editor software is installed? ASCOMP Software has the answer.

Releasedate: 09/06/2021 | Read full article

High-speed synchronization of files, folders, and hard disks with Synchredible - ASCOMP releases version 7.1


Advancing digitalization enables more and more people to take advantage of increased flexibility when it comes to shaping their everyday work. However, this new possibility brings with it new challenges. Just as crucial as choosing the right work environment, is the selection of software solutions that support both location and time-independent work and react to the changing work structures in this evolving world.

Releasedate: 06/28/2021 | Read full article

Remove metadata with one click - ASCOMP releases free Photo Anonymizer


Digital photographs not only contain lots of pixels, but often also personal information about the picture itself. Whether taken with a smartphone or digital camera - the camera model and settings, the time of the picture and GPS coordinates can easily be read by experienced users. What may sound practical at first, becomes a problem later when you want to publish your photos anonymously on the Internet.

Releasedate: 04/26/2021 | Read full article

Adjust and Convert Any Number of Images in One Go - ASCOMP Releases Image Former 2.0


Digital photographs are deeply rooted in our everyday lives. Whether as outdoor advertising for companies, vacation keepsakes for private users or sharing in social networks. Product photos, vacation and profile photos have one thing in common: they are rarely published without the finishing touches. Editing of photographs is no longer reserved for professional photographers and designers, but has now reached all members of our society.

Releasedate: 04/19/2021 | Read full article

Delete Personal and Sensitive Data Safely and Definitively - ASCOMP Releases Version 5.3 for Secure Eraser


The more complex and confusing the digital world becomes, the more important it is for private users and companies to develop a clear answer to the question of how their own private or sensitive data is handled. Never before has so much data been generated, saved, sent - and at some point deleted again. Though what is formatted or deleted on a hard drive, memory card, USB stick or browser is far from gone and can easily be restored with the right tools.

Releasedate: 04/08/2021 | Read full article

Modern Workflow Requires Modern Data Protection - BackUp Maker Delivers a Seamless Backup of All Valuable Data


Everyone needs to back up their data, but the importance of the data backup process is often underestimated both by individuals and companies. Only becoming an issue of importance when it is too late - once the irreplaceable data is gone. There are many reasons this may happen, such as a hard drive defect or malware that can destroy precious memories and years of work within a split second.

Releasedate: 02/23/2021 | Read full article

Synchredible Makes It Possible to Synchronize Open Files - ASCOMP Releases Version 7.0


Work is less and less tied to location, time or a particular device. Anyone can hold meetings via Zoom, be productive in the home office and still be accessible even on a deserted island. However, this new flexibility also creates new challenges and the need for data security. Intelligent software solutions are required to automatically match or back them up.

Releasedate: 02/11/2021 | Read full article

Edit and Convert Multiple Images at Once - ASCOMP Releases Image Former


Images taken with the smartphone or digital camera often arrive on the PC in the wrong format. Some of the most beautiful memories may be a little skewed, others underexposed or overexposed. The coloring may not be perfect or the image format may be inappropriate for the home monitor. Image Former from ASCOMP helps here.

Releasedate: 01/13/2021 | Read full article

Rename Files in One Go - ASCOMP Releases F-Rename 2.0


Whether self-taken photos, music downloaded from the Internet or holiday videos - files usually arrive on the computer with meaningless names. The user can only guess later what content a file might have. That's why ASCOMP has now released its file renaming tool F-Rename in revised version 2.0, thus fighting the data chaos.

Releasedate: 12/04/2020 | Read full article

Remove Unnecessary Data From Any Windows PC - ASCOMP Releases Cleaning Suite 4.0


In earlier times, it was one of the annoying duties of every Windows user to reinstall the system at irregular intervals. Braked by programs that have settled into the autostart areas or left behind junk data during the de-installation, a complete system reset was inevitable. Even today, many programs interfere with the loading process of Windows. ASCOMP's Cleaning Suite puts an end to this and now supports cleaning Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Releasedate: 07/13/2020 | Read full article

Delete Files, Folders and Browsing History Securely on Windows - ASCOMP Releases Version 5.2 of Secure Eraser


Files, folders, entire drives, or browsing tracks - every computer has countless sensitive data that should remain confidential. Secure Eraser from ASCOMP safely and permanently deletes sensitive files and entire hard drives, so that even with special software they cannot be recovered. In the new version 5.2, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge leftovers are also safely deleted and the hard drive is cleaned up for browser histories, recent downloads, cookies, and temporary files (cache).

Releasedate: 07/06/2020 | Read full article

Synchronize Files Quickly and Securely - ASCOMP Releases Synchredible Version 6


Many people have computers in more than one location to use for working from the office to working at home. So how to keep all the files in sync from one location to the other? Synchredible can solve this problem by keeping all files easy to access and up to date.

Releasedate: 06/04/2020 | Read full article

ASCOMP Releases Data Backup Software, BackUp Maker Version 7.5, for Windows With a New Quick Selection Feature


Malicious software, user errors or failing hard drives can quickly lead to important data being destroyed forever. To ensure that a backup copy is available in an emergency, it is essential to back up files regularly. BackUp Maker from ASCOMP backs up personal or business data automatically, while it also impresses with its intuitive functionality. With the release of BackUp Maker version 7.5, ease of use has been further improved. A new quick selection feature has been added, which means that the software itself makes suggestions for data backup. This makes it easier for the user to identify new or edited files in need of backup to add them to the process.

Releasedate: 04/20/2020 | Read full article